Jennifer Ross

Partner, Senior Architectural Historian

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Southern Illinois University

Master of Science in Architecture, Historic Preservation, Texas Tech University

Secretary of Interior

Architectural Historian

Jennifer R.  Ross has 11 years of experience in the fields of Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources Management.  She meets the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards for Historian and Architectural Historian. Ms. Ross’ areas of expertise include the planning and execution of Cultural Resource Assessment Surveys; HABS Level I, II and III documentation; community outreach; archival research; and Cultural Resource consultation/coordination for compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Department of Transportation Act. 

She also has authored numerous intensive-level historic contexts to include the application of NRHP Evaluation Criteria to the assessment of historic resources and the preparation of Registration requirements. Over her career, Ms. Ross has identified, evaluated, and documented thousands of historic-age resources (50 years of age or older), including a large number of properties that were erected during the post-World War II Era. Specifically, Ms. Ross has documented post-World War II Era property types which range from expansive military and civilian industrial production facilities to commercial and residential properties. In 2006-2007, Ms. Ross led an effort to document and assessed over 200 post-World War II Era subdivisions in Arlington, Texas. Her completed product was enthusiastically accepted by the client. As a result of these efforts, Ms. Ross has developed a deep appreciation and understanding of modern architecture and postwar community planning/development. 

Summary of Experience:

          Mid-Century Modern Architectural Resources 

          Architectural Cultural Resource Assessment Survey

          HABS Level I, II and III Documentation

          Community Outreach

          Oral History 

          Archival Research

          Development of Historic Contexts

          Technical Report Production

         Application of NRHP Criteria and Development of Registration Requirements and Property Type Analysis

          Section 106 (NHPA), NEPA, DOT Act Compliance

          Historic African-American vernacular architecture and Community Planning/Development Management

Downloadable resume below: 

Working around the globe to preserve resources.

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