Current Projects

Our expansion of services, products and commissions have made 2010 an exciting year for CARMA.  Below are projects that are both recently completed and currently underway.

Scanning Altars at Our Lady of Lourdes

Location: Victoria Texas

Date: May-June 2010

Client:  Matt Henson, Professio, Inc

Description:  CARMA LLC, was contracted by Matt Henson of Professio, Inc to provide close range documentation of existing altars at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. The plaster craftsman at Professio required the data to replicate the missing altars. CARMA associates scanned the two original altars using a close-range phased-based 3D laser scanner. 

Each altar was scanned from multiple locations and registered together to create individual point cloud models of the three existing altars. The scanning resolution of approximately 2-3mm provided intricate details of the architectural components. 

Architectural Analysis of 29 Buildings at Fort Stockton

Location: Fort Stockton, Texas

Date: May-September 2008

Client:  Doug May, City of Fort Stockton

Description:  The CARMA team consisting of preservation specialists and a structural engineer undertook a comprehensive architectural survey of 29 historic buildings identified by the City of Fort Stockton. As requested by the city, CARMA LLC evaluated the buildings for historic integrity, building condition and importance and value to the Fort Stockton community. The team identified and prioritized the major issues with the buildings and developed a rating scale to assist city officials with the decisions about their historic buildings. The final report included a brief architectural description of the building, a targeted list of major building deficiencies, recommendations for repair or rehabilitation and a rating scale illustrating the importance of each structure. Using this study, city officials prioritized the buildings and developed a plan to start the repair and rehabilitation of their historic buildings. CARMA LLC is slated to conduct phase II which will consist of structure reports for the first identified buildings to undergo repair.

Texas Historical Commission Plains Trails Grant

Location:Llano Estacado, Texas

Date:September 2010 –2011

Client: Cochran County Historical Commission

Description: CARMA LLC, at the request ofthe Texas Last Frontier Museum board of directors in Morton, Texas to write a grant for the Texas Heritage Tourism Partnership Grants illustrating the Buffalo Soldier Expedition of 1877. The grant was awarded to the Cochran County Historical Commission by the Texas Historic Commission in September 2010. 

The project involves creating a virtual tour of the Buffalo Soldier Tragedy.  The project also includes the implementation of Geo-Caching to promote tourism and encourage site visits along the trail. A brochure advertising the history and significance of the Buffalo Soldiers and a workshop are also planned as part of the project deliverables and grant requirements. 

Click here for the virtual tour.

Rehabilitation of the Goode Barn

Location: Lorenzo, Texas

Date: September 2010 

Client:  Billie Blair

Description:  Built in the 1880s, the Goode Barn is an example of early rural, utilitarian farming structures used in the remote areas of the Llano Estacado region in Texas. The Goode Barn has been in the Goode-Blair family for over fifty years and maintained until the 1970s following the death of Mr. Goode. CARMA LLC, was hired by the family to conduct a detailed architectural survey of the building and develop architectural drawings and recommendations for the stabilization and rehabilitation of the barn. The drawings included a floor plan, roof plan, four elevations, two sections and significant details.  A structures report and preservation planning will provide direction for the restoration of the building in situ.

Dickey House

Location: Taylor, Texas

Date: 2010-2011

Client:  Blackshear / O. L. Price Alumni Association

Description: Dr. James L. Dickey was a prominent African-American doctor in Taylor, Texas. Specifically, between the 1920s and 1950s, Dr. Dickey served as the only black medical practitioner in Williamson County and one of only 130 black doctors in Texas. In 1953, Dr. Dickey was named year's most outstanding citizen of Taylor by the local chamber of commerce, as well as the general practitioner of the year by the Lone Star State Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Association.  

The Blackshear / O. L. Price Alumni Association engaged CARMA LLC to conduct historic building investigations of the Dickey House in Taylor, Texas in support of its efforts to rehabilitate the building. The project will be conducted in three phases to include the production of a report which will prioritize the work required to rehabilitate the building and National Register of Historic Places nomination preliminary research. The report was completed in May, 2011.

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